June 1, 2023

Get to know me a little more!

Here are some fun facts that make me, well, me:

University of the Pacific Alumni:

Armed with a passion for graphic design and marketing, I embarked on an epic journey at the University of the Pacific. Those four years shaped me into the creative wizard I am today. Armed with knowledge and fueled by ambition, I graduated in 2015, ready to conquer the world one pixel at a time.

Proud Latina, Embracing My Roots:

As a proud Latina, I carry the fire of my heritage with immense pride. My Mexican roots run deep, and I am passionate about exploring and learning more about my cultural background. From embracing traditional customs to savoring mouthwatering Mexican cuisine, I love celebrating the richness of my heritage.

LGBTQ+ Girly:

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I stand tall as a voice for equality and love. I'm passionate about supporting and uplifting my community in any way I can. Let's continue the fight for acceptance, diversity, and inclusivity, hand in hand.

Forever an Emo Kid:

You can take the kid out of the scene, but you can't take the scene out of the kid! Despite the passing years, my emo roots still run deep. The black eyeliner and skinny jeans may have evolved, but the essence of that rebellious, alternative spirit still thrives within me.

Manga, Anime, and Cosplay Enthusiast:

Prepare for a dose of Otaku energy! When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me immersed in the captivating worlds of manga and anime. And yes, I've been known to don a cosplay outfit or two—because life is more fun when you can embody your favorite characters!